Day13 – 13.12.2008

Youngster Nikhil shocks Faizal Khan


Mumbai: Nikhil Ghadge, an 18-year-old boy, who practices at Central Railway Mechanical Institute, scored a sensational win over India ranked Faizal Khan, of Railways to storm into billiards pre-quarterfinals of the Rosy Blue sponsored Hindu Gymkhana-Wilson Jones All India Open handicap Billiards/Snooker  championships, hosted by P.J.Hindu Gymkhana here on Saturday.  The victory was all the more creditable for  Nikhil who triumphed 200-168, as Faizal had notched up a break of 61 and yet Nikhil turned the tables on him.


It was yet another bad day India coach, Subhash Agrawal. After being eliminated in snooker on Friday, Subhash, who was on minus 10 handicap to his rival BCA’s Ravindra Sawant’s plus 90, failed to put up any worthwhile score and lost 178-200l. But Ravindra’s joy of scoring over Subhash, was shortlived as Rajeev Sharma, from Malabar Hill Club, beat him 200-173.

 Much was expected from Ajay Agrawal after his earlier day’s good win over Kaizad Fitter. But then today he was up against much determined player Manish Adnani, who benefited by just five points on handicap to Ajay’s 70, was full of confidence as he tactically outplayed Ajay to win at 200-167.



BILLIARDS: Rohinton Daruwala (+60) bt Shyam Kotak (+90) 200-132; Deepak Khubchandani (+60) bt Kishore Lavangani (+105) 200-179; Nikhil Ghadge (+105) bt Faizal Khan (Scr) 200-168; L.S.Mhatre (+80) bt S.S.Ghadi (+105) 200-155; Rajeev Sharma (+75) bt  Ravindra Sawant (+90)  200-173; Manish Adnani (+75) Ajay Agrawal (+70) 200-167; Darshak Jhaveri (+100) bt K.Talib (+90) 200-182; Keku  Nicholson  (+80) bt Meenal Thakur (+30) 200-120; Rajesh Rathod ((+85) bt Ravindra Shetty (+95) 200-183; Siddharth Parekh(+20) bt Nishit Chandan  (+105) 200-147.



CUE SPORTS – 2.30 P.M. ONWARDS – Wilson Jones All India Open Snooker championships, P.J.Hindu Gymkhana.