15.12.08 - Day 15

Shravan makes short work of Abhishek


Mumbai: Shravan Mohta, the Nagpur lad, opened his campaign with style as cut short Abhishek Joshi’s challenge with disdain to advance into the next round of the  Rosy Blue sponsored Hindu Gymkhana-Wilson Jones All India Open handicap Billiards/Snooker  championships, hosted by P.J.Hindu Gymkhana here on Monday. Shravan triumphed at 86-81, 98-50. However, Abhishek, with plus 55 handicap, having the  advantage of 40 points over Shravan,  did put up good fight in the first frame, when he led 81-73, but with just pink and black ball on the table, his miss gave Shravan a chance who just cleaned the table without much ado. And in the second, there was just no stopping Shravan, who  hardly gave his rival any chance to wrap up the tie.


In another tie, Indian Railways’ Faizal Khan took time to get adjusted to the surroundings and in the process lost the  frame to the Catholic Gymkhana’s Alex D’Cruz. Faizal was on plus 10 handicap to Alex’s plus 50. But after the loss of first frame, Faizal found his touch and the advantage of 40 points, which Alex had over him, did not make any difference to emerge a 53-96, 95-63,95-50 winner.


The challenger from Delhi, Vaibhav Sharma, who had pretty useful outing last year in this tournament by making the semifinal, made his exit, beaten by Kunal Agashe 103-55,84-107, 104-62.



SNOOKER :  Shravan Mohta (+15) bt Abhishek Joshi (+55) 86-81, 98-59; Kunal Khanwani (+45) bt Ravi Kapuria (+60) 92-106, 118-85, 130-69;  Kunal Agashe(+55) bt Vaibhav Sharma (+40)  103-55, 84-107, 104-62; Manish Adnani (+35) bt Samuel Selvern (+45) 74-104, 108-84, 79-70; Rohit Bajaj (+55) bt Tarun Singhania (+55) 103-105, 93-81, 109-79; Manish Jain(+35) bt M.Dehrikar (+55) 111-103, 105-56; Suresh Sawant (+60) bt Shekhar Surve (+45) 103-95, 114-101; Chetan Mununkar (+40) bt Chaitanya Nikte (+50) 116-75, 98-69; Ghanshyam Ved (+55) bt Chaitanya Halbe (+50) 96-89, 89-87; Nishad Chougule (+50) bdt Sandeep Teri (+60) 109-78, 64-106, 120-74; Namesh Ghosalia (+60) bt Arjun Koradia (+60) 115-73, 108-1078, Nishit Chandan (+60) bt Abhishek Shah (+60) 114-116, 109-94, 104-98; Dilip Kamat (+40) bt Chetan Chhabria (+40) 116-70, 98-73.


CUE SPORTS – 2.30 P.M. ONWARDS – Wilson Jones All India Open Snooker championships, P.J.Hindu Gymkhana.