17.12.08 - Day 17

Delightful display by Devendra Joshi

Mumbai: The way international Devendra Joshi goes about his shots itself is a delight to watch. Pressure or no pressure, Devendra is as cool as cucumber. But then India No.5 is a class by himself and his 83-56, 79-76 win over Spring Club’s Dilip Kamat, takes him into snooker pre-quarterfinals of the  Rosy Blue-sponsored Hindu Gymkhana-Wilson Jones All India Open handicap Billiards/Snooker  championships, hosted by P.J.Hindu Gymkhana here on Wednesday.

Dilip Kamat did put up a plucky fight, especially in the second frame. With blue, pink and black balls remaining, Devendra surprisngly missed on the blue, which gave Dilip  a chance and he duly to pocket it.   But then he fumbled on the pink, which proved his doom, as Devendra this time pocketed it without fuss to emerge winner.


Islam Gymkhana’s  Sahil record two good wins. First he surprised fancied Faizal Khan of Railways 76-73,105-77 and followed it with with a close victory over Darshak Jhaveri 100-70, 71-101, 112-93.


Shravan Mohta, from Nagpur, who was eliminated in snooker event, did well to beat Gautam Kamru 200-178 to move in the third round of the billiards event.


BILLIARDS:   Shravan Mohta (+30) bt  Gautam Kamru (+90) 200-178; K. Nicholson (+70) bt Rajesh Rathod (+75) 250-230 (PQ); fManish jJain (+20) bt Joe Thomas(+90); Arun Agrawal (-80) bt Abhinav Maru (+90) 200 ( 41, 49, 50) – 159; Abhiraj Maru (+105) bt Chetan Chhabvria ((+50) 200-140; Shekhar Surve (+50) Sanjiv Bijlani (+60) 200-188.

SNOOKER : Devendra Joshi (+15) bt Dilip Kamat (+40) 83-56, 79-76; Manish Jain (+35) bt Anand Pachpute (+60) 97-78, 106-73; Sahil Khan (+50) bt Darshak Jhaveri 100-70, 71-101, 112-93; Chetan Dalal (+55) bt Hemant Parmar(+55) 82-93, 113-83, 106-72.


CUE SPORTS – 2.30 P.M. ONWARDS – Wilson Jones All India Open Snooker championships, P.J.Hindu Gymkhana.