19.12.08 - Day 19

Superb show by Siddharth Sogani

Mumbai: Collegian Siddharth Sogani earned the accolades all around while making the prequarterfinals, both in snooker and billiards events in the Rosy Blue-sponsored Hindu Gymkhana-Wilson Jones All India Open handicap Billiards/Snooker  championships, hosted by P.J.Hindu Gymkhana here on Friday.

Siddharth, in a nerve-wracking snooker tie, played over best-of-five frames,  against another collegian Hasan Badami,  was on the verge of being eliminated in straight frames. After losing the opening frame 58-99 and   with black and pink on the table,  Hasan needed to pot only pink to go 2-0 up. But it was not to be as Hasan in order to play safe, played right into Siddharth’s hands, who potted both to claim the second frame. Yet, Hasan piqued by the loss of second frame, turned on the heat in the third and won handsomely.

The real test, however,came into the fourth frame. Once again Hasan was well placed  as Siddharth trailed 69-80. But as the saying goes there’s many a slip between a cup and the lip, Hasan, like in the second frame, faltered in identical fashion to lose the initiative and the frame. Hasan appeared rather jittery, whereas Siddharth exuded confidence thereafter, to win the tie at58-99, 79-62, 46-100, 82-80, 109-89.

In a billiards pre-quarters too, Siddharth displayed his fighting qualities, while beating Tata Sports Club’s L.S.Mhatre 250-248.

Results: SNOOKER: Hitesh Kotwani (+35) bt Rahul Narang (+55) 90-55, 74-79, 91-74, 93-90; Meenal Thakur (+50) bt Nainesh Gasalia 116-106, 114-56,96-78; Siddharth Sogani (+45) bt Hasan Badami (+25) 58-99, 79-62, 46-100, 82-80, 109-89;Manish Jain (+30) bt Avdhoot Pachpute  (+50) 131-65, 74-101, 12-70, 110-67; Dhruv Sitwala ((+15) bt Rajen Gupta (+50) 88-66, 93-51, 104-78; Manav Panchal ((+30) bt Ashok More (+50) 89-80, 130-61, 115-94..

BILLIARDS: Rishab Kumar (+50) bt Siddharth Parikh (-50) 250-130; Siddharth Sogani (+65) 250-248; Naresh Sadarangani  (+80) bt Rajeev Sharma (+70) 250-217; Darshak Jhaveri (+105) bt Navroz Vania ((+105) 250-190.


CUE SPORTS – 2.30 P.M. ONWARDS – Wilson Jones All India Open Snooker championships, P.J.Hindu Gymkhana.