Wilson Jones won his 1st World Amateur Billiards World Championship on 11th December, 1958 at Kolkata (Calcutta) – India.

He beat Chandra Hirjee also from India in the eight hour tie in the championship by 4655-2887 – a very big margin.

Thus the long reign of supremacy in world billiards of foreign players comes to an end and history is written in flaming letters of the crowning achievement of India’s proud son, Wilson Jones, star player of Bombay’s Vissanji Sports Club.


The breaks of the two finalists are:

Winner                                                                                                            Runner-up

Wilson Jones:                                                                                     Chandra Hirjee:

74, 70, 103, 107, 69, 211, 111, 206, 162.       1st session                   162, 56, 111.

81, 113, 84, 185, 371.                                                 2nd session                   143, 126, 115, 182, 81.


Wilson Jones, who hailed from Bombay, became a national hero.


After three days of celebration at Calcutta he arrived at Bombay amid great excitement. He was met at Santa Cruz airport by dozens of Government officials, Mr. Vissanji and his family and many notable sporting personalities.


A great fleet of limousines was made available to drive all through the streets of Bombay. Nearly every thoroughfare was decorated with bunting and thousands of people thronged the streets. It was as if the President of the United States of America was arriving.


After a drive through the city lasting about two hours, he arrived at Mr. Vissanji's home to attend a banquet in honor of his victory.