22.12.08 - Day 22

Manish spoils Devendra’s party


Mumbai:  CCI’s Manish Adnani made many happy and, perhaps, some sad when he stunned crowd favourite and international Devendra Joshi to bag the snooker crown in a nail-biting snooker final.   Earlier,  Devendra had got the better of his Petroleum teammate  and friend Dhruv Sitwala for the billiards title in the finals of the  Rosy Blue  Hindu Gymkhana-Wilson Jones All India Open handicap billiards/snooker championships, hosted by P.J.Hindu Gymkhana here on Mionday. Manish triumped at 89-86, 36-114, 84-33, 85-52.


“ It was my finest win. Beating Devendra I could not have imagine in my dreams.  I just started playing after a break of almost four years and today’s win has certainly given me a big boost,” said elated Manish after the final. Manish had earlier notched up an equally big win when he beat another international Dhruv Sitwala in a thrilling black ball decider snooker semifinal.

Devendra, had breaks of 213, 99, 120  to Dhruv’s 91 and 169. Since both were on minus 275 handicap, so there wasn’t much effect of their performance as both were on equal footings.

In fact, Devendra was not to participate in this tournament, since he was commited to play in another in Pune. Since both Devendra and Dhruv being the pupils of the late Wilson Jones, it was befitting that both were seen in action.


Results of the finals:

BILLIARDS: Devendra Joshi (-275) bt Dhruv Sitwala (-275) 250 (213, 99, 120) – 91 (93, 169)

SNOOKER : Manish Adnani (+35) bt Devendra Joshi (+15) 89-86, 36-114, 84-33, 85-52.