BOMBAY, Monday: Wilson Jones, winner of the Worlds Amateur Billiards Championship, was given a heros welcome by a large crowd of friends and admirers who had gathered at the Santa Cruz Airport, this afternoon, to greet him on his return from Calcutta.


The first to greet him as he alighted from the plane proudly carrying the trophy was his charming wife and young son.


When Jones entered the airport he was surrounded by a large crowd of autograph hunters and Wilson, with his genial smile, obliged them all.


I am very glad and proud to have won the world title for my country. I am greatly indebted to Shri M. K. Bhimani, Shri R. K. Vissanji, Shri M. M. Begg, Chairman of the Billiards Association and Control Council of India, and the Bombay State Billiards Association for all the encouragement and help that they have given me, said Jones.


Afterwards, Wilson Jones, accompanied by his wife and son, was driven from the airport to his employers office for a reception given in his honour. Along the drive back the Dadar Club, Park Club and Vissanji Sports Club had displayed banners welcoming the champion.




Wilson was accompanied by the former worlds champion Tom Cleary and Mrs. Cleary and Wilfred Axiak, the Malta champion. Clearly will play a series of exhibition matches from Tuesday, December 23 to Tuesday, December 30, Axiak is bound for Karachi.


Tom Cleary was all praise for Wilson and said that Jones had improved very much since the last time he had seen him in action and would improve still further. He also said that Wilson was a worthy champion and fully deserved his success as he played in top form throughout the series, but his best performance was against another world champion Leslie Driffield, whom he beat after trailing by 600 points.


Driffield who left for England last week is stated to have said that there was no other professional or amateur today who could give him 600 points and beat him.