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P. J. Hindu Gymkhana



Handicap Billiards & Handicap Snooker Championship 2008




The 4th Annual tournament will be conducted at the P. J. Hindu Gymkhana, Netaji Subhash Road, Marine Lines, Mumbai  400 002 and will be open to members of P J Hindu Gymkhana and affiliated clubs or bodies of the Billiards & Snooker Association of Maharashtra (B.S.A.M) and shall be under the auspices and rules of B.S.A.M. / B.S.F.I.


Players who are not members of Club or Gymkhana affiliated to B.S.A.M. may enter the tournament by enrolling themselves as Associate Members of B.S.A.M. prior to their entries being accepted.


The attached entry form with Entry Fees of Rs.400/- for Handicap Billiards & Rs. 400/- for Handicap Snooker and combined entry fees at Rs.600/- per participant and Markers entry fees of Rs.200/- for Handicap Billiards & Rs. 200/- for Handicap Snooker and combined entry fees at Rs.300/- per participant should be deposited in P. J. Hindu Gymkhana Office by no later than 20th November, 2008 by 12.00 noon. P. J. Hindu Gymkhana reserves the right to reject any entry without assigning any reason whatsoever and In the event of an entry being rejected the player may collect the refund from PJHG office by presenting the original receipt after 24th December, 2008.


The complete draws and fixtures will be posted on the notice board of P J Hindu Gymkhana on 24th November, 2008 from 2.00 pm onwards. This will serve as the only information to all the participants.


FORMAT:             Billiards: 200 point up - up to Round of 32; 250 point up subsequently.

                Snooker: Best of 3 frames - up to Round of 32; best of 5 frames subsequently.


Tournament Handicap allocation decision and revisions shall be the prerogative of the Tournament Committee. Play timings are from 2.00 pm to 9.30 pm. Tournament Committee reserves the right to change/modify/adjust timings, draws, fixtures, etc.


The tournament schedule of matches will be strictly adhered to. Matches once fixed will not be postponed except with the concurrence of the tournament committee.


Players must report at least 15 (Fifteen) minutes prior to their schedule time of play, however in any case, not later than scheduled time of play,  failing which the tournament committee reserves the right to apportion match.


The decision of the marker or in his absence the Tournament Committee shall be final and binding in respect of a dispute arising in a match.


Player’s must observe dress code as Semi-Formal / Smart casual with Shoes & Full pant compulsory. Players shall not be allowed to play with Chappals, Sandals, Slippers, and Floaters, Collar less & Sleeve less Shirts / T-Shirts.


Strictly No Smoking eating, drinking and use of Mobile Phones in the Billiards Room.


For P J Hindu Gymkhana,


Arun R Chikhal

Hon. Billiards Secretary