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 I thought youd always be here,

You werent supposed to leave.

I never knew how much you meant to me,

I never knew how much Id grieve


Life without you will be so empty.

He took you, its not fair!

But I know Heaven is a better place

Now that you are there.


Ill miss everything about you,

I cant believe that its the end.

I never will forget you

My Grandpa, my Friend.



My Grandpa was truly a great man, who brought home to India, honour and joy.

I will always remember you dearest Grandpa for what you were to me.

Your love, your care, your peace filled smile always made me happy. You always helped when you could and shared the little that you had. Kudos to you Grandpa for being what you were.

I will miss you Grandpa, Indias First World Champion.

I will try to be like you Grandpa as you bless me from above.


 It is with great sorrow Dad, I watch you lying there, about to leave and never come back.

Thank you for the pride I feel, that I had a father whom the World crowned.

Thank you for all that you did for us.

Ive often wished that I had more of you, yet today, I thank God for every moment you were with us.

You will continue to be with us, inspiring us to live like you honest, generous, determined and victorious.

I could go on and on but let me tell you what I never did you were and always will be MY HERO!


Dad We stand here in honour awed by your greatness, to bid you our last farewell.

You were a CHAMPION and a STAR ..

Blazing a trail of glory.

Creating a new map

Giving India her place in the sun.

And gifting a vision and a dream for many who would find their own paths of glory, undefined by size or fame.

We admired you and we loved you and as you touched our lives, you showed us what it is to be a WINNER! in the sport and out of it; in fact in the small, daily rounds of life as you clasped a hand, spoke gentle, tender mellifluous words, imparted your skills and shared your ideas and concerns. Always determined to be the best that you could be, you did it with your win against Driffield, Cleary and Simpson.

Burly, Husky, Hulky, were words used to describe you and we your loved ones knew you to be soft and gentle and always smiling. With your adorable sense of humour, you showed us what it is to be childlike in a world so complex.

Your quick wit, the twinkle in your eye and your hearty laugh had such an adhesive quality that made connections and dissolved barriers among us. And yes, surely that sense of connectedness was an indicator of your spiritual well-being. For to be with you was good, enjoyable, refreshing. It somehow put us in touch with our own strengths.

Your legacy will continue to inspire us to put our hearts in all that we do, to do the ordinary things extraordinarily well and in the event of attaining super highs, to stay simple and humble.

You always told us that your religion was to be a decent human being, to help others and to lead a straight and honest life. You lived by what you believed a life well spent.

Our prayer now, is that God grant you eternal rest.